Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Starting a Journaling Bible

This year one of my goals is to dive deeper into God's Word and learn more about Him. That is one of the reasons why I began this blog: to write what I have learned. Although writing what I have learned helps me to remember lessons that God has taught me, visuals also help to communicate lessons as well. 

Lately, I have been tapping into my creative side and enjoy looking at the beauty of bible verses with a related drawing or picture next to it. One of my closest friends has been bible journaling for some time now and I always enjoy seeing her drawings and pretty letters. She loves being artistic and that has helped her dive deeper into God's Word. 

I had been pondering about joining the journaling bible movement, but was always hesitant due to time constraint and fear of what my drawings might actually end up looking like. However, I put all that aside and got a journaling bible! I'm pretty excited to see what new things I will learn as I read His Word while also expanding my artistic horizons. The pictures I draw will serve as a reminder of key verses that spoke to me at different points during my walk with Christ and one day I can look back at them and see how much I have grown since then. Just to clarify, although the artwork may be beautiful, it should NOT be the main focus. The main focus should be on Christ and desiring to be more like Him as we commune with Him.

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